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Proud to be a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association
The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the professionalism of the kitchen and bath industry. Established in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, it has grown into the premier association of distributors, retailers, modellers, manufacturers, fabricators, installers, designers, and other professionals. The NKBA’s certification program emphasizes continuing education and career development and includes designers and professionals in all segments of the kitchen and bath industry.

Interior Works Inc. is a proud Baeumler Approved Contractor

Only Baeumler Approved Contractors and home services work on Bryan’s projects … now you can use them too!

All Baeumler Approved companies have established a reputation for high-quality service, integrity, and honesty. The extensive vetting process ensures quality and consistency.

Baeumler Approved members are independent and they have confirmed references, liability insurance and regulatory certification at the time of website listing.

Click the link below to find out more about Baeumler Approved companies and services:

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The Canadian Decorators' Association (“CDECA”)
The Canadian Decorators' Association (“CDECA”) is a professional not-for-profit Association representing both Student and Accredited decorators and designers, and Affiliate businesses across Canada.  Our goal is to foster the growth of the decorating industry in Canada; provide advocacy respecting policy matters; promote a positive image of the industry through proactive activities and events; and offer value to Members through upgrading of skills and knowledge. CDECA is the most influential Association representing decorators in Canada.

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